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Life is Good started out in 1989 in the States, when two young brothers Bert and John Jacobs designed their first t-shirt. They knew nothing about business. For five years they sold their t-shirts door-to-door in college accommodation. They collected some good stories, but were not very prosperous. They lived on peanut butter and jam, slept in their van, and showered when they could.

Then in 1994, heading home from a long, less-than-fruitful roadtrip, they stumbled upon Jake. His contagious grin seemed to express everything the Jacobs brothers believed in and Life is Good stood for. They printed 48 Jake t-shirts for a local street fair and were amazed when by noon they had all sold.

Today, the brand stays close to its roots, with an emphasis on simplicity, humour and humility. But not just t-shirts for men, women and kids - but a whole range of clothing including shirts, fleeces, trousers, shorts and caps - plus mugs, towels, bags, toys, and a pile of fun stuff for dogs too!

Life is Good is now stocked almost solely in the UK by Spread Good Vibes, which is part of Edge of the World Ltd, an independent family owned business.

We look to continue the optimistic philosophy of Life is Good here in the UK!

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