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Life is Good - The Beginning

Welcome to Spread Good Vibes

We are the main stockist of Life is Good in the UK, where we look to continue the positive philosophy of Life is Good.

Life is Good started in the States back in 1989 by two brothers, Bert and John Jacobs, when they designed their first t-shirt. They knew nothing about business and for five years they sold their t-shirts door to door to college students.

They collected some really good stories, but were not very prosperous. They lived on peanut butter and jam, slept in a van, and showered whenever they could.

By the autumn of 1994, on the way home from a long, less-than-fruitful road trip, Bert and John were desperately searching for answers to keep their dream alive. Little did they know, the only answer they needed was back home in Boston, hanging up on their apartment wall.

Jake's huge, contagious grin, simple as it was, seemed to express everything the Jacobs brothers believed in - optimism and a ‘glass half full’ outlook on life.

One fateful day that September, they printed up 48 Jake t-shirts for a local street fair in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They laid the shirts out on their rickety card table. By noontime, every single one of those tees had gone. A star was born. Soon Jake was introduced to local retailers, and his simple message of optimism was embraced like nothing the brothers had ever seen. As demand for this new optimistic product soared, Jake's team grew, and the Little Brand That Could began to spread way across America.

Today the brand keeps to its roots, delivering optimism with an emphasis on simplicity, humour and humility. However the range has stretched from t-shirts to polos, fleeces, shorts, caps, mugs, towels, bags, toys and fun stuff! You can even find something for your favourite pooches!

Spread Good Vibes continue to bring the Life is good philosophy to the UK, with a huge range of funny t-shirts for men, women and kids as well as Life is good dog toys, leads, frisbees... In fact, Spread Good Vibes are now the largest stockist of Life is good products in the UK.

Life is Good, so Spread Good Vibes!